Arizona Flag
    Arizona Flag
    State flag of Arizona
    Adopted January 25, 1917
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    Arizona flag

    Arizona flag
    Arizona state flag
    The state flag of Arizona consists of 13 red and yellow rays emanating from a copper-coloured star above a horizontal blue stripe.

    Arizona flag colors - meaning

    13 rays: represent the 13 original colonies that were united to form Unites States
    red and yellow rays: symbolize Arizona's picturesque sunsets over rocks (red) and desert (yellow)
    red and yellow colors: honors Arizona's Spanish heritage (Spanish flag colors)
    The copper star : represents the Arizona and its copper mining industry (Arizona produces more copper than that of all other states combined)
    blue stripe: symbolizes the Colorado River

    History of Arizona flag

    Arizona flag
    Arizona flag history
    Charles Wilfred Harris, Colonel in the Arizona National Guard, served as the captain of the unit’s rifle team in 1910. During the rifle competition at Camp Perry, Ohio, the Arizona team was the only team without an emblem of any kind. Colonel Harris was chiefly responsible for the creation of the rifle team flag that in 1917 became the Arizona State Flag. Blue and gold are the colors of Arizona. Red and gold are the colors carried by Coronado’s Expedition of 1540 to the Seven Cities of Cibola. The blue is “liberty blue” identical to the color in the United States flag field of stars. Since Arizona is a western state, the rays of the setting sun seemed appropriate. There are thirteen rays representing the original “thirteen colonies.” The large copper star identifies Arizona as the largest producer of copper in the United States. "On February 27, 1917, the legislature passed the bill to adopt this flag as the official Arizona State Flag despite dissenting votes and Governor Campbell’s refusal to affix his signature to the bill

    Arizona flag picture

    Arizona flag Picture

    Arizona flag image

    Arizona flag image

    Arizona flag photo

    Arizona flag image